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Learn to Soar with Takeoff Trim - Unlocking Your Aviation Dreams



Now selling Print / Virtual Posters!

- The best tool to start your new Type Rating -

A320, A330, B737NG, B737MAX, B747, B757, B767, B777, B787, EMB195, ERJ145.

View & Print your panel posters immediately!  No shipping cost/delay.

Includes Flight Deck Orientation & Immersive demo of the Flight Deck. 

(plays on computers, tablets, and VR Headsets) 

LMS login Includes mobile App for offline use.

Introductory pricing $18 USD per aircraft type - 2 months access.

Select "Buy Now!" on the top banner for quick access!

Airlines / ATO's.  We add your checklists/flows in our flight decks!

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